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Legend of Stu's Rock


During the construction of Wildcat Stadium in the summer of 2008, former Chisago Lakes football player and current Peterson's Landscaping employee Steve "Stu" Peterson was using a skid loader to clear the surface of the new field.  Stu encountered a large unmovable rock and the skid loader broke down.  This large, unmovable rock was stubbornly wedged into the rock hard clay soil and the heavy equipment that would easily dislodge it was out of service.   The time schedule was tight and this rock needed to be cleared in order for the project to stay on schedule.  Stu called on other crew members for assistance.  With the entire crew on the field and no heavy equipment, Stu and his crew had to use shovels and sledgehammers to pound and drive this rock.  As they dug and pounded on this rock it appeared that it was a lost cause.  But, the Peterson crew persisted and continued to pound the rock until it broke apart and was dislodged and finally removed.


A portion of this rock returns to Wildcat Stadium as a reminder to the Chisago Lakes football program that it takes a team to work together for a common goal.  To accomplish the seemingly impossible and despite the difficulties, in order to reach your goals, you must "POUND THE ROCK".


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